The Values Advantage

Transform Your Leadership, Foster a Thriving Culture, and Accelerate Your Business Growth in 60 Days
As a founder, the overwhelming pressures of retaining top talent and growing brand loyalty is solvable with one simple, transformational act: Leading with your values. 

That's why we created The Values Advantage--to clearly guide you through an otherwise confusing journey and give you the high-touch support that you need to achieve total values clarity. 

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As entrepreneurs and founders, our drive to grow and succeed stems from a deeper purpose: to positively impact the lives of our customers, clients, team members, family, and the world as a whole. 

It's a journey marked by expanding roles, from the early days of just surviving by mastering the diverse responsibilities that come with rapid growth, to becoming a true leader by empowering a team of top talent to even greater success. 

Building our business "on the fly" means that sometimes there's little time for reflecting on our desired destination or the path ahead. We're focused on somehow keeping the entire operation running smoothly. 

Sometimes it feels like the demands on our time and attention never stop and we wonder what we need to do to regain control of our business and our life. 

Fortunately, there's a simple way to get yourself back on track toward becoming the kind of leader you most want to be. It’s something most people have either never taken the time to do or something they’ve done before but not in a way that created lasting results. 

It’s the one thing you can do to create more of the results and experiences you want in their business and in their life: CLARIFY YOUR HIGHEST VALUES.

Without a clear understanding of your core values to guide your decisions and actions, your leadership journey risks becoming aimless and ineffective.

Your values serve as your compass, guiding every decision, investment of time, and action in pursuit of your goals. Without The Values Advantage, you remain reactive in every storm, unable to steer your team towards a greater vision. 

As a result, your company culture struggles greatly with difficulties in recruiting, engaging and retaining top talent. It can seem impossible to build a loyal customer base and you sense how your bottom line is suffering. It can even feel like you are working harder and accomplishing less. 

You've certainly heard about the importance of values in leadership, but can you and your team clearly articulate what your most important personal and organizational values are? 

And most critically, are you and your team living and operating in alignment with your values? Unfortunately, for most people the answer is no…

If you are ready to quantum leap your leadership ability and massively impact your organizational culture, brand loyalty and long term productivity and profitability, I’d like to invite you to join me for “The Values Advantage”. 

It's the best decision you'll ever make as a leader.

This powerful, hands on, 60-Day program takes small groups of accomplished business and non-profit leaders through an intimately-guided experience through the unique Values Based Life proprietary process to discover, clarify and live in alignment with your highest personal and organizational values.

Your thinking, decisions, actions and results will be determined by what is most important to you rather than the demands on your time and attention from others. 

Click the button below to schedule a time to talk with me and about how The Values Advantage leadership program could be right for you.

I’m certain that your people will thank you.

So, let's embark on this transformative journey today.

Robert's Story

Launching my entrepreneurial journey straight out of college, I was lucky to experience great success.  But I was working so hard!  I was determined to get my life under control and bring more purpose and meaning to my work which seemed to start with defining my personal values. Unable to find a framework that resonated, I developed my own – the Values Based Life system. 

The unique Values Based Life approach removed the confusion and complexity I was experiencing by dividing values into two distinct categories – Priorities and Ways of Being – making values work less confusing, more memorable, and simple to apply.

Understanding my values empowered me to optimize my time, enhance my company’s bottom line, and achieve both professional and personal fulfillment. I could rest assured knowing that how I was spending my most precious resources was in alignment with what mattered most.

In 2021, a team member remarked on my ease in applying my values to decision-making, prompting me to realize the profound impact this tool could have on other leaders’ lives and businesses.

Since then, I've authored the book Values Based Life, developed online and live virtual courses, facilitated in-person workshops, and guided a variety of teams through our unique process for clarifying their organizational values.

With over 25 years of coaching founders and executives through their toughest challenges, I've seen firsthand how achieving Total Values Clarity can turn people into much more effective leaders.