“Living a Values Based Life” is all about helping people and organizations discover, clarify and live in alignment with what is most important to them.

Most people know the importance of values.  And most people are unable to articulate their highest values. Why?

We think it's because most people have not had the chance to learn how to discover their highest values and because, even if they have, values work can be complicated, confusing and difficult to implement.

If you’re not being guided by your own highest values, who’s are you following?

Living in alignment with our values is the key to increased productivity, satisfaction, purpose and meaning in life.  Values clarity improves decision making, (especially saying no!), leadership ability, time management, energy levels, and more.  It gives you an “unfair advantage” over all the people who cannot clearly articulate what their highest values are.

We’ve developed a simple, powerful, and sustainable process for discovering values. The “Values Based Life” approach takes away the confusion of most values work and makes what you discover easy to remember and apply. 

The key is separating values into two categories:

Priorities - Your Priorities are nouns describing WHAT is important to you, the areas of your life where you are committed to getting excellent results.

Ways of Being - Your Ways of Being are adjectives describing the way you want to show up in the world, the kind of person you want to be.

Our Priorities and our Ways of Being are both very important (“valuable”!) to us but they are not the same thing. When we separate them out, they become much easier to remember and we establish a simple road map to self-assess how we are living now, what we want to change, and how we want to change it.

So, whether you want to clarify your personal values so you can start getting more of the results and having more of the experiences you really want, or if you want to clarify your organizational values to create a culture of productivity, engagement and purpose, we're here to help.

Click on one of the links below to get started with your own personal values discovery process, or reach out to us <<HERE>> to discuss how the “Values Based Life” approach can help you transform the culture of your organization.