Nothing is more valuable for your business than values clarity.

You know that when it comes to leading a positive and profitable business, values clarity is key. But, you haven't successfully nailed them down yet. That's where we come in.

Fostering a culture of productivity, engagement, and purpose that boosts your bottom line is much closer than you think.

Here's a bit on how we do things: 



Robert MacPhee’s Living a Values Based Life approach was just what my leadership team needed. Going through the process gave them clarity about how important their work really is and I can already see their increased engagement and enthusiasm.

Bill Crotinger

President & Founder, Argent Materials

I woke up more optimistic than I have in months. There’s a background of excitement and confidence that I truly haven’t felt in ages.

Kathy Sparrow

Author & Literary Midwife

As the leader of a sales team, the Values Based Life workshops exceeded my expectations. My team quickly engaged in the process, and appreciated the importance of personal values clarity. I’m thrilled with the team's production and personal success.

Linda Lingenfelter

Ruby Financial and Insurance Agency